About Us


When ordinary people come together around a common cause, they are compelled to give that little extra. At HangryHorse, we redefine what is good about food by elevating the everyday to the extraordinary!

HangryHorse Eatery is located in the heart of the Sport Stable, where all kinds of sports games and camps happen year-round. We’re delighted to be a local destination for families, friends, corporate groups, and teams. Our delicious food, fun games, and customer service have earned us a reputation for being the best, and we’re thrilled to give our customers an outstanding experience.

Our mission goes deeper than being a well-known bar and grill equipped with exciting golf simulators, fun pickleball courts, and a stunning view of the Flatirons. We believe that we can meet our guests wherever they may be on their individual journeys and treat them with respect. We anticipate and honor our visitors’ needs, using food, drink, and fun to restore their energy. When you visit us, you’ll notice we give a little extra, and that’s because we take your trust extremely seriously. There’s nothing we love more than boosting your heart, mind, and spirit with our elevated cuisine and atmosphere.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday with friends or going on a fun date, HangryHorse Eatery is the hidden jewel you’ve been looking for. Indulge yourself and eat with us today.

HAngryHorse Pillars


HangryHorse is far more than a restaurant. It is a dynamic fun plex that can be used in many different ways by many different people. The experience will always be like the comforts of home by serving each guest as a welcome friend with individual wants and needs. We will achieve this comfort by working hard so our guests don’t have to. We will leave them with an intangible sense of wellbeing. This will compel them to return again and again to this, their second home.


HangryHorse will passionately serve our three communities:

  • Guest Community

    • We believe in the fabric of communities and service to human capital. We will be guest obsessed, ensuring that every guest is served in a way that instills them with the warmth of engaged hospitality

  • Employee Community

    • Employees are our internal guests and we treat them like valued allies. We will expect much from our employees and will invest in them even more than they invest in HangryHorse. We recognize the gifts that each employee possesses, and we will work to see those gifts shared and enhanced through our training, continuing education and unwavering leadership support

  • Local Community

    • We celebrate the symbiotic relationship between HangryHorse and the communities we serve. We will remain open and accessible to local needs and desires curating our efforts and responses to best cultivate an open and healthy relationship


The status quo of food ingredients and quality will be redefined in every culinary experience that takes place at HangryHorse. We will elevate and enhance every ingredient to delight and surprise our guests. We believe that even the simplest fare can and should be meticulously sourced and should not only please our guests senses but nourish them in healthful, conscious ways.


We are Colorado rooted, Colorado crafted and Colorado proud. The strong broad shoulders of the Rocky Mountains will always be reflected in our deep commitment to people, strong work ethic, passion for the best ingredients and unwavering integrity to inclusivity. Wherever we take HangryHorse we will bring a piece of Colorado with us so that we can combine and redefine what local culture can be.


We work hard and we play hard. At HangryHorse we embrace the blend of Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. We encourage balance by living mindfully finding a responsible mix of work, play, rest, nourishment and mental respite. Doing so enhances our work lives, our personal lives, our health and our productivity. (HangryHorse will offer programs and services meant to facilitate access to the balance of Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul.)

From Fields to Feels...EAT • DRINK • PLAY